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Florida Intense Rope Experience 2017

For many, the word “rope” doesn’t conjure feelings of excitement, beauty or passion but that was quickly changed for attendees of F.I.R.E. 2017. Florida Intense Rope Experience or F.I.R.E. for short, brought together over 400 rope enthusiasts & instructors from all over the world. In attendance were subject matter experts on roping including Furious Buddha, […]

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Being Bisexual

We are often label, classified and sorted into groups. Democrat or Republican, religious or atheist, white collar or blue collar, we have an almost obsessive need to group people by a simple word or term. Male bisexuals are a subgroup of a subgroup that is often often minimized, forgotten or sometimes questioned to even exist […]

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Why I bought a Vibrator for my tween daughter

An old blog post that I decided to resurrect from the past. My daughter is now 15 and doing very well. =) Enjoy a blast from the past. Our journey is not normal by all means. I have done lots of research on how to help a child heal after being sexual abuse for many […]

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Lady Gaga Oscar-nominated song shines light on Sexual Assault

Sunday was Oscar Night, the 88th Annual Academy Awards. The show drew buzz with controversy about the lack of diversity in all the main categories nominations.  I must say Chris Rock was a great host and pointed out facts with humor. It is the best way to talk about issues in a non – offensive way. I […]

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Sexual Terrorism in America

Now that I have your attention with the title of my post; everything in this blog post is my own point of view. This weekend has been filled with awful news, from a Planned Parenthood in Colorado being part of a shooting spree from an anti-abortion and anti-government man, Marco Rubio ‘Ignore’ Supreme Court marriage decision because ‘God’s rules […]

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