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E123: The Mystery Box Show

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In this episode, our guests were Executive Producer & Story Coach Reba Sparrow and Co-Producer Eric Scheur of The Mystery Box Show.  We discuss about the birth of The Mystery Box Show as it started as a show to entertain people at the same time have a safe place to talk about sex but it’s grown into so much more.

The production has been around 2012 and has over 100 shows.  We asked about their favorite shows but they said “it was not fair to ask, it’s like asking a parent who is your favorite child”.  We understood but we did talk about some past experiences in producing such a production.

The show is was going through an evolution, pre Covd-19, where they were hosting an audience of 400 people. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, they had to pivot and did a handful of live stream shows, but are looking forward to returning in 2022.

In the meantime, you can see some of their shows on YouTube and Patreon. Please support the arts and consider donating to The Mystery Box Show to help them come back strong.

Guest Bio’s
“It’s not TedX… it’s like TedSEX!” audience members have said about the show. Stories told at The Mystery Box Show both entertain and build a bond between audience members and storytellers. The details of each story may be sexual in nature (and often graphically so), but the core emotions are what each person relates to as universal.

From vanilla to kinky, queer to straight, and everything in between, a night at The Mystery Box Show brings you tales of one-night stands, explorations into fetish, awkward first times, dark fantasies come true, and much much more. Storytellers have included bestselling authors, nationally touring comedians, adult film industry veterans, theatre professionals, sex toy experts, members from the kink community, students, and people from all walks of life. Nothing here is too raw, too sweet, too strange, or too deep; it’s all about the sex, and all about the story.

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