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On this episode, our guest was Heather C. Montgomery, founder, and CEO of the sex-positive social platform, PleazeMe
( She created this entertaining and informative site as a means to open the conversation about healthy sex and sexuality, especially for women.

After only achieving about 5 orgasms, she was trying to find a safe place to ask questions and could not find one that felt safe, or shame-free. She did the logical thing she created!

We discuss what makes it different from the Facebooks, FetLifes, and other social media sites. It is empowering for the sex positive community and give them the ability to share their knowledge, classes, podcast, and videos uncensored! It is so liberating for us to freely talk about everything and anything with no censorship. It is free to join and you have to be 21 and up.

Then the fun part of any adult website run by a woman is raising capital to launch a site, run and maintain it. We talked about the challenges and the fundraising campaign on they are currently running to help grow PleazeMe. Any amount will help grow the website to be a great go-to resource for anyone wanting to explore their sexuality curiosity anonymously in a safe zone.

If you are looking for a safe place to learn about sex and ask questions without shame or fear, then check out and spread the good word of a safe space.

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