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E115: Getting Our Swing On

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“My sister gave me a sex swing because her new boyfriend did not want it because of her old boyfriend.  From a previous business, we had a very expensive stitching machine.  Move forward a few years we manufacture several swings and slings and sell them on” The was the origin story from Angela Alexander, a serial entrepreneur who made the move from creating baby carriers to sex swings.

In this interview, we discussed the many products, positions, and stories she shared from her years in the business. We also had the pleasure of testing out the “Screamer” with a few additional accessories.

Angela Alexander’s Bio
Angela Alexander is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for travel and shock n awe. It’s only fitting she found herself in the sex toy industry. But to feed her love of travel and culture she and her husband designed a company,, that allowed them the creativity of design and manufacturing and the freedom to travel. It’s a complicated formula with dedicated employees but has worked amazingly for them.  She spends the summers at the company’s warehouse in Michigan designing, sewing, and packaging and the rest of the year wandering this world with her husband and their 4 children.

Want more? Watch the “Behind the Swings” video on YouTube.

Watch the “Setting up a Sex Swing” video from unboxing to ready to play.
Want more? Watch the “Behind the Swings” video on YouTube.


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