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E119 Just Saved You 88 Minutes

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This week we decided to take one for the team! Meaning you, our audience.  HBO MAX has a documentary called ‘There is no “I” in threesome’ and a holy train wreck. Everything that we teach, preach and talk about Ethical Non-Monogamy as things NOT to do, is in this documentary. We honestly thought it was a mockumentary based on how the story was going.

That is why the title is  “Just saved you 88 minutes”. We wanted to save you from the horror of the movie. The ending twist was worst than the Sixth Sense. But if you are truly interested to see people make immature, obvious, and stereotypical mistakes attempting an open relationship, feel free to watch it.

Just know we are here for you and holding space. We are available for coaching session in case you are in need of guidance.




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