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E127: Childhood Trauma to Triumph

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As we close out Sexual Assault Awareness & Child Abuse Awareness Month, we chatted with Kolee from the Practicalsaint Talks podcast about her childhood trauma all the way to her journey of healing. We discuss the importance of therapy and the evolution of therapy from talk, play, art and now geek therapy. There is something for someone. It is a matter of continuing to look for the right healing model for yourself. All her hard work of healing herself has paid off. Now, she is a million-dollar mother of 5 sons, entrepreneur, writer, and online book publisher. It was a long journey but she made it. Giving others hope that we can triumph over trauma.

Kolee is a million dollar mother of 5 sons, entrepreneur, writer and online book publisher.  Also a pro Wellness advocate and re-parenting coach;  she writes, blogs and podcasts all about her heroic and awesome life!  @practicalsaint on social and for one stop organic shop, blog and Practicalsaint Talks podcasts.

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