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E128:  Spiritual Masturbation

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In this episode, we celebrated Masturbation May with a chat with The Pussy Priestess, Josefina Bashout. This woman knows her stuff and had magic! The short meditation exercise we did, on-air, left John trembling and a bit aroused. Listed in on this sensual conversation.

Josefina’s Bio
Josefina has experienced many catalyzing events in her life, an extremely serious one, in particular, being diagnosed with CIN III Severe High-Grade pre-cervical cancer, and HPV at the age of 26. In understanding her options in her new reality, she initiated a life-changing journey in 2010. Josefina began working with alternative healing methods which spurred her passion for what is now her life’s work. She found pleasure in her healing journey and is now inviting her clients to step forward into their fullest physical, spiritual, & emotional health.

Josefina combines her degree in advanced spiritual psychology with her Tantra training and focuses on awakening & arousing the senses as well as empowering the feminine energy. She is a guide that helps clients create a space for sensual self-love, increase energetic lovemaking, and helps them to stay aroused and enlivened even during the pandemic.

The Bridge of Bliss is an energetic experience to show how energy is real.  This will activate your sexual channel without needing sexual contact with anyone or anything. Josefina accesses the bliss and ecstasy that lives within you. This experience is done together through a brief sequence of guided practices she crafted rooted in Tantra leaving you feeling happier, lighter,  & buzzing with high vibe natural orgasmic energy.

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