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Dick Fest 2021 : The anatomy of dick pleasure

Are you ready to learn the latest and greatest on dick pleasure? Whether you have a dick or not, are involved with a dick or not, or just love dicks, this virtual festival is for you! Top educators from around the country will be educating you on all the nuances of dick!


This will be the uncensored version of The Anatomy of Male Pleasure! It is the next level of education!


The Anatomy of Dick Pleasure | From a dick owner’s perspective. This interactive & informative class features an open discussion on dick pleasure from a man’s point of view. Where to touch? Where to avoid? How much pressure? Why is it doing that? How does an erection work? What’s the difference between an orgasm and an ejaculation? Whether you own a dick, have a timeshare or just an occasional borrower, you’ll learn how to enjoy that dick more.


We are able to offer you $5 off the ticket price!


Date: June 11-13, 2021


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Ticket prices range $99-$199