Sex Positive Me

Male Pleasure: Giving & Receiving



This class is 100% online on the Zoom platform. We keep attendees’ cameras off for privacy reasons. Plus, we’ve heard that folks like the practice along with their partner during the class, so we wanna give y’all your space, you know?

Here are just a few of the questions that John will be covering during this class:

  • Where to touch?
  • Where to avoid?
  • How much pressure should you use?
  • Why is it even doing that?
  • How does an erection work?
  • What’s the difference between an orgasm and an ejaculation?
  • Plus some of our favorite tips for pleasure.

We’ll even give you a bit of sexy education on the house before the class even starts:

Don’t forget: 👀 There’s more to male pleasure than just the penis!

There’s the scrotum, the perineum, the prostate and so much more. And they all respond to pleasure in different ways.

Even if you’re not partnered right now, we’ll be teaching you so much about your penis that’ll you’ll find new ways to spice up your solo play. The penis, after all, is an endless wonderland of pleasure. 💕

And for the partners of penises? Hoo, boy, are y’all in for a treat. John’ll be sharing some of his favorite secret sensitive spots and tips for driving your cock-holder crazy. 😜

The class takes place at 8 pm on Thursday, December 9… live on Zoom, so you can show up in your PJs or, heck, your birthday suit for all we care… your cameras will be OFF! 🎥

Tickets are only $15 (a steal for the amount of sexy education we’ve packed into this class) and are available here.