John & Angelique Luna teaches you about spanking, flogging & whipping OH MY!

Sex Positive Me

Spanksgiving: Impact 101


Want to learn the right way to celebrate Spanksgiving? Angelique & John C. Luna can help! Do you know how to make the day hot & juicy?  Learn how to properly wield a drumstick to get that black & blue color that will make you smile. Forget about the turkey, we’ll have cow, deer, and venison hide, paddles, floggers & whips. Before eating a feast at Thanksgiving, take some time and enjoy Spanksgiving.:

Learn impact play done safely.

  • How to hit.
  • Where to hit.
  • What to hit with.

Class Topics

  • What is Impact Play?
  • The Negotiation & Consent
  • Impact Anatomy
  • The Tools of Impact Play
  • How to create your scene?
  • Aftercare

This class is 100% ONLINE on ZOOM!!!!!

**Attendees must be 18+ years of age**

**Attendees receive a 15% discount on their online or in-person purchase upon completion of the post-class survey**

** You may change your name & photo on Zoom to stay ANONYMOUS to other guests! (You must give registered name to the class moderator in a private chat)**

** All attendee cams & mics will be turned off**