Depending on how we were raised by society, religion, and/or the media, is how we learned about relationships. Most of us were taught the only kind of relationship, available or valid, was that of a husband and wife. The only place to be married was in a church. We were told our goal was to have two kids and a house with a white picket fence.! Now, what if I told you those parents are swingers or that they each have relationships with other partners? Those partners may even be helping to raise their children in a village-style environment.  

Yes, it is possible to have that type of relationship. 

Do most people talk about it? No. 

Do we even know if that can work? Yes, they do! 

Below are some of the types of relationships that are available. You have heard of some of them through the media or the internet. Please understand this is a snippet of each relationship style, but there is so much more to learn. One thing that is in common with all these relationships they are based on consent, communication, and mutual agreement.   


Consensual Non-Monogamy 

  • Swinger is a couple or individual that exchange sex with other individuals or couple. Purely for entertainment. No emotional connection. 
  • Polyamory is where more than one relationship exisit at the same time. Can be physical but also it can only be emotional. 
  • Open Relationships is when a couple has agreed to see date other people. 
  • Relationship Anarchy is when the relationship does not have any rules or define rules between partners. 

Power Exchange

  • Submissive  
  • Dominant 

While some people may confuse swinging and polyamory as being the same, they are not. The best way to understand the difference is Swinging is parts not hearts and Polyamory is hearts, not parts. Meaning parts are the physical needs while hearts are an emotional need. It does not mean both can not be part of a relationship. 

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