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What is Coaching?

Coaching is a professional service designed to help people grow, learn, focus, and help them define and reach their goals. Coaching is about defining a path, setting a direction, and being held accountable to meet milestones. It is a form of mentorship providing advice and education. Coaching is not a replacement for therapy provided by a licensed clinician trained to treat mental, emotional, and psychological disorders.

What is Sex & Relationship Coaching?

A sex & relationship coach’s purpose is to help individuals and couples with their sexuality, intimacy and relationship issues. They guide their clients to fully understand their sexual potential through education, exercises and communication.


We believe sexual wellness and intimacy are a vital part of a healthy relationship. Unfortunatly, giving and receiving pleasure, open honest communication, and intimate touch are skills we are rarely taught. Without the necessary skills, how can we be expected to succeed in such a complicated yet important part of our lives?

We help individuals and couples gain confidence in communicating their sexual desires and needs.  We work to remove the blockages that are preventing one from having a healthy, balanced and fulfilling sex life. Once these obsticles are removed, sex can be acknowledged as a normal, healthy, pleasurable human activity and fully enjoyed.
“there’s more than 31 flavors of sex”

Angelique Luna
Sex & Relationship Expert and Spiritual Life Coach

We teach the skills needed to

  • Explore and establish confidence in your sexuality and sexual fantasies. 
  • Remove shame and guilt around pleasure.
  • Learn to establish healthy boundaries
  • Achive a satisfying sexual and emotional intimacy
  • Establish open shame free communications with your partner

We specialize in clients who are:

  • Unsatisfyed with the sex and intimacy in their life.
  • Having difficulty communicating their needs and desires. 
  • Lacking confidence in their sexuality identity or expression.
  • Practicing cyclical negative behavior. 
  • Having problems feeling safe and comfortable being close to an intimate partner.
  • Dealing with shame, doubts and insecurities. 
  • Experiencing low sex drive, low desire or sexual dysfunction.
  • Looking to explore a nontraditional relationship style.
  • Honestly willing to work at improving themselves.

“Shame and guilt are the emotional anchors that stop us from growing.”

John c luna
Sex & Relationship Expert


We offer a 6 Week caching package designed to set you free from sexual shame and allow you to explore your desires.

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