Yes / No / Maybe List

Print one of these forms per partner. Complete them separately. For each item, answer if you have experience, then yes, no or maybe if you want to experience this item. In the note’s column, write any conditions or limitations. Once complete, review the forms together. Discuss the commonalities and the differences.

Negotiation List

Print one of these forms per partner & complete them separately. Circle the items you are interested in experiencing during your scene. Once complete, review the forms together. For the selected items that are not mutual, discuss them, then if they are still a No, cross them out. The remaining items are your menu for your scene.

PornHub Roulette

Need some ideas on what to do in or even out of your bedroom. Up for a new and random challenge for you and your partner(s). No one is keeping score but the possibilities for fun and excitement are nearly endless.   

Sex Toy Essentials - Materials

Before you use that toy do you know what’s it made of? Is it safe, hypoallergenic, or toxic? How do you clean your toys to make sure they’re safe? Remember, in the U.S. sex toy materials are not regulated.