Sex Positive Me offers a collection of workshops, presentation and webinars. These educational sessions are designed to provide sex education while being all-inclusive and age-appropriate. 

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  • Tantra 101
  • Cookies & Consent
  • Art of Negotiation – How to Get What You Want.
  • Sex, Beyond the Physical
  • Navigating Bisexuality
  • Flavors of Love – Exploring Non-Monogamy
  • Processing Jealousy
  • Male Pleasure 101
  • Parenting Under a Rainbow Flag
  • Butt Stuff – A Beiginners Guide
  • Sex Tech – Adult Toys in the 21st Century
  • Positioning – Sex Aids & Furniture
  • Toy Story – A Comprehensive Exploration of Adult Toys.
  • BDSM 101
  • Impact Play 101
  • Bondage 101
  • Sensation Play 101
  • Power Exchange 101 – Are You Ready for a Power Exchange Relationship
  • Pervertables, Kink on a Budget
  • Introduction to Medical Play
  • Sex Ed 201 – Beyond what you learned in High School.
  • The 21 Century Birds & Bees Talk – A guide to talking to your kids about sex.

Cookies and Consent

Would you like to get a little adventarous in the bedroom?

Would you like to spice up your relationship but just not sure how to approch it with your partner?

That’s what Cookies and Consent is all about.

An interactive workshop focused on consent.

Navigating Bisexuality

Bisexuality is the often a sexual preference that is misjudged, often times met with responses with “Choose one” or “Stop being greedy”. Relationships are difficult to navigate especially if you have not come to terms with your own sexuality. In this workshop we will discuss the importance of owning your own sexuality, talking to your partner about your sexual preferences and the various types of challenges men and women experience.

Flavors of Love

Does your friend have a wife and a girlfriend?
Are you curious about swinging?
Are you facinated by a 24/7 master/slave relationship?
How do all these work?
Come to “Flavors of Love” we’ll explore all of these topics and more.

Past Presentations & Reviews

BDSM 101



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