There’s more than one way to be intimate


We help people become comfortable & confident about sex and their sexuality leading toward healthier more fulfilling relationships.

Opening Up Coaching Program

6 Weeks to set you free from sexual shame and allow you to explore your desires.

"Mind, Body and Spirit are one and if one is off, all are off. "
Angelique Luna
Sex & Relationship Expert and Spiritual Life Coach

why are you here

Your curiosity is getting the best of you. You just watched “50 Shades of Grey” and it sparked something in you, but do not know how to describe it. You’re afraid that your partner will judge you for wanting to explore BDSM or an alternative relationship.

The main thing you learned about sex growing up was that it was bad. By the time you started to understand sex for yourself, you may thought there is only one way to do it.

You recently discovered there is a world of endless possibilities of intimacy and sexual relationships, and you want to explore those possibilities for yourself (and your partner).

You have found the right place! We are here to help you explore and discover the various different types of intimate and sexual relationships you can have.

Embrace Your Desires

Work with coaches who help you to improve your sexual health by learning about the importance of pleasure in Sexual Wellness.

"Sex and intimacy are essential parts of a happy and healthy romantic relationship"
John c luna
Sex & Relationship Expert

Program Overview

Weekly Meetings

6 x 60-minute weekly meetings via audio or video where we can discuss the type of changes you want to create in your relationships (Deeper Intimacy, More Satisfying Sex, Alternative, Types of Relationships, BDSM / Power Exchange)

Action Items

Resources and homework assignments will be given to keep your goals on track.

Text Messaging Guidance (BONUS)

Sometimes you will have questions after our session and instead of waiting a week to receive an answer. We will answer a question via text to keep you on track. Available for 3 days per week.

Program Structure

Week 1 - Discovering Yourself

The first week we will explore what type of intimacy you and/or your partner are wanting to explore. Create your intimacy goals for the next 6 weeks.

Week 2 - Working on Communication Blockages

We will work on a series of exercises that will help remove some of the obstacles that are preventing you from communicating with your desires.

Week 3 - I'd Like You To Do….

We’ll build on the previous week on how to better communicate with your partner. We will define what you desire and how you would like to have it delivered.

Week 4 - Don’t Yuck on My Yum

Here is where we start pushing the comfort zone limits. We ask you to discuss a sexual desire that is out of your or your partner’s comfort zone. You’ll learn how to negotiate your boundaries, define your terms, and suggest an alternative desire.

Week 5 - Exploration

Everything we have learned about you we will further explore into the next level. Whether it be attending your first club/dungeon/party. Going on your first date with another person(s). We will help you create a strategy for a successful and safe experience.

Week 6 - Recap

This is our last week together where we will recap, review your intimacy goals, and ensure you have all the tools and resources you’ll need to continue to succeed in your intimacy goals.


We are Sex & Relationship Experts and Coach who helps individuals and couples to gain confidence in communicating their sexual desires and needs.

We teach people to expand their knowledge and confidence with sex by educating them via live classes, our podcast, and speaking events. 

We help couples to understand the importance of sex & intimacy in healthy relationships

This is for you if ...

  • Exploration of their sexual desires and fantasies
  • Better Communication Skills
  • Creating a shame-free sexual environment 
  • Desires being fulfilled

This is not for you if...

  • Afraid of being vulnerable with a partner
  • Putting others in front of yourself
  • Scared of judgment from others
  • Not willing to explore their knowledge 

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