Tantra Services

What is Tantra Conscious Erotic Touch?

A Tantra Session IS:

  • It is therapeutic.
  • It is sensual.
  • It is healing.
  • It is an energy exchange.
  • It is a door to happiness.
  • It is pleasure as medicine.
  • It is performed on a massage table.
  • It is a gateway drug to sexual freedom, another level of consciousness, and your authentic self.
  • It can be practiced on any and all genders.

What Tantra Session is NOT:

  • It is NOT sex.
  • It is NOT focused only on your sexual organs.
  • It is NOT massage therapy.
  • It is NOT a religion.
  • It is NOT about the “happy ending”.
  • It is NOT performed clothed/draped.
  • It is NOT performed in a bed.
  • It is NOT a gateway drug to any of those aforementioned common misconceptions.

What can I expect from a Tantra session?

Each session will begin with a few questions to determine your expectations and goals. You will be also asked about any medical conditions, traumas, and allergies. A Tantra session focuses on healing the body and mind together through an energy exchange, guided meditation, getting in touch with your body, and intimate touching. During the session, you will be nude. Tantra is an intimate exchange that is used both to promote relaxation and to create a more intimate connection between partners though rhythmic breathing and sharing energy. Ideally, you will be touched from head to toe, unless you express areas where you do not want to be touched. Communication and consent are vital. The session involves the whole body including the 7 chakras, the lymphatic, circulatory, digestive & reproductive systems. Above all, Tantra is about healing.  
Angelique and John Luna are both graduates of the Atlanta Institute of Tantra & Divine Sexuality and have been trained in Tantra healing.

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