Boneyard Toys Featured in ‘Sex Positive Me’ Podcast

LOS ANGELES — Boneyard Toys, the self-described “boutique men’s line that focuses on the science behind the male body and orgasm,” was recently featured in the “Sex Positive Me” podcast.

Boneyard Toys’ Kristin Moore sat down to speak with hosts John and Angelique Luna about men’s sexual health.

“In the past decade there has been a change and movement in the adult novelty industry,” said a rep. “The revolution of women’s control over their body and the empowerment of the vagina has made a large and fast impact in our world. Now the stores are boutiques and spas; they are well lit and decorated by interior designers, and those products are scientifically and technologically designed for ‘her’ pleasure and ‘her’ body. We talk about how sex and masturbation is healthy for her, what materials are vaginally safe, and the impact on ‘her’ mental, emotional and physical health.”

“But what about our men? Straight men, gay men, bi men — singles and couples. Do they not deserve the same revolution, or attention paid to their needs?” the rep continued.

Noting that “1-in-6 men suffer from prostate cancer at some point in their lives,” Moore explained to the “Sex Positive Me” audience that “prostate stimulation is a safe, natural, and pleasurable way to help promote prostate health. And men like to be touched too! Men want to feel sexy and desired. The care and dedication that we use to develop toys and sensual care items needs to be applied in the lines for him too! And Boneyard cares.”

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