What’s Missing in Medical Training Today?

Last weekend my wife & I volunteered at an event to educate people on sexual wellness, hygiene, consent, and boundaries. One note to mention is that this event was held at a community for the mentally challenged (hoping I used the correct term). Although the reason I’m writing this story has nothing to do with the attendees, but instead the other volunteers.

Along with a dozen volunteers were about 15 nursing students completing their community hours as they neared graduation. For medically trained personnel, they were completely uncomfortable talking about sex or even feminine hygiene. When the organizer arrived, she met 4 of the students who completely skipped any greetings or pleasantries and aggressively expressed how uncomfortable they were with the event. I guess reading the description instead of just signing up was to much to ask. The nursing students we’re paired up with the volunteers and while some made efforts to participate, many just smiled in the background & avoided eye contact. Conversely, many of the residents asked valid questions and held intelligent on their sex lived without turn red.

While the event was a success, the fact that this group of medical personnel received no training on the topic of sex and were ridiculously uncomfortably even discussing it, made my realize a huge problem in the medical education industry and the need for sex educators.

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