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Earth Day, But Make It Sexy

Today, April 22, is Earth Day. Can you think of a better way to connect with the planet than by making love? Normally, that phrase kind of irks me and makes me feel weird. I’m not quite sure why that is exactly. Maybe because it’s so often used in a heteronormative manner to correct someone […]

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The Dark Side of Polyamory: Jealousy, Judgement & More

Did you know there is a dark side to polyamory? I try to focus on positive things on the blog, so it’s not something I’ve touched on yet. However, I think it is an extremely important part of living that poly life that doesn’t get talked about nearly enough. So I’m gonna talk about it […]

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Bisexual Health & PrEP: What You Need to Know

As you know, John is a bisexual male. For some reason, bisexual men are less visible in the media and, in some places, less socially accepted than bisexual women, so I’m gonna give ’em the spotlight all to themselves today. Since bisexual men engage in sexual acts with other men, there some additional considerations that […]

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I’m a Run Disney Princess! (And a Rope Princess!)

…And after this week, I’ll be able to prove it! You see, this weekend is the Run Disney Princess Half Marathon and, of course, I’m participating. I mean, I am a princess myself, after all. Definitely not official royalty, but I’m a Princess the same way Britney Spears is a “Pop Princess”. Let’s look at […]

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Taking a Frisky Road Trip With Your “Partner”

When’s the last time you took a frisky road trip? You know the kind I’m talking about, right? You’re on the road, windows down, hair whipping everywhere, not a care in the world. Before you know it, their hand is on your thigh and you’re thinking about that hand’s final destination instead of wherever the […]

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Humiliation Play for Valentine’s? That’s a YES for Me!

Folks who love humiliation play… This one’s for you! “Ugh, what do you want? You don’t think you deserve to celebrate Valentine’s Day, do you? I mean, look at you! You’re just desperate for me to give you some attention, aren’t you? Too bad. You don’t deserve it. You’re not man enough to celebrate Valentine’s […]

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Rope is Romantic: Are You Down for Getting Tied Up?

Rope is romantic. You may not agree, but getting tied up and being at the mercy of my rigger is a very sexy thing. It’s also very vulnerable place to be, with someone else completely in control of your pleasure, your body, and, most importantly, your safety. That’s why it’s important to know the proper […]

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Mad Libs for Adults: My Way

I’ve never been happy with any of the Mad Libs for Adults that are on the market right now. They are still fun to play, don’t get me wrong. I’ve loved word games like that since I was in school. However, the grown up Mad Libs that I’ve been able to find have been a […]

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