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Saline Infusion Play: An Intro to John’s Newest Kink

You might be wondering,”Saline Infusion Play… what’s that?” and well, I’m here to tell you everything I know about it! As you all know, John is no stranger to extreme kinky play. He was even featured in an article in Playboy about another one of his favorite kinks, sounding! I’m so proud of John for […]

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The Liberator is Liberating… in the Bedroom, Of Course

Today, I want to tel you all about one of my favorite bedroom accessories that doubles as functional furniture: The Liberator. According to Liberator themselves, they are the “greatest invention for sex since the bed.” And honestly? I agree. No idea what these are and what you should do with them? Well, the triangles pictured […]

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A Self-Proclaimed Brat’s Favorite Sex Toys

Wanna hear about some of MY favorite sex toys?! Well you’re in for a treat this week! Last week, I told you about Kink Crate… and more specifically, a couple of John’s favorite toys on the site, remember? Well, as I was writing it, I felt a little bit left out. Which made me feel […]

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Kink Delivery Every Month?! That Can Happen.

Have you ever wanted to spice up your bedroom sessions with little to no effort on your part? We have the PERFECT solution for you: Kink Crate! If you’ve been watching our YouTube Channel, you already know how much we love Kink Crate. heart ♥️ Full disclosure, yes, Kink Crate happens to be one of […]

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5 Unusual Butt Toys to Celebrate Anal August

Anal August

Did you know that this month is Anal August? This is a relatively new celebration of unknown origins – that we’ve been able to find! If you know where it started, let us know… we love learning new things! Even better than that we love introducing people to things we love that might be new to them, so this week… we’re gonna share some of our FAVORITE toys for anal play.

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Angelique: My Favorite Way to Orgasm

July 31 is one of our very favorite holidays: National Orgasm Day. This should come as no big surprise any of our readers, we’re thinking. If you know anything about us, you know that we LOVE celebrating sex in all its glorious forms: kinky, vanilla, BDSM, romantic… we enjoy and find value in the massive […]

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The Top 5 Events We’d Like to See at the Sex Olympics

The Tokyo Opening Ceremonies are tonight, and already the Olympians have been in the news for sexy things. Have you read about their cardboard beds? Sustainable, yes, but not so great for doin’ it (although this Irish gymnast may have proven this theory wrong, lol). All of these articles about sex and the Olympics put […]

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Celebrating 9 Years of Kinky Marriage

This week we celebrated 9 years of kinky marriage. Now, given the state of the world today, that must seem like an incredible feat, but, trust us, it has (mostly) been smooth sailing for all 108 months (You know John’s engineering brain had to do the math, lol). But we don’t wanna tell you about […]

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