Earth Day, But Make It Sexy

Today, April 22, is Earth Day. Can you think of a better way to connect with the planet than by making love?

Normally, that phrase kind of irks me and makes me feel weird. I’m not quite sure why that is exactly. Maybe because it’s so often used in a heteronormative manner to correct someone who is speaking about “having sex”. Correcting that phrase to “making love” feels kind of wrong. Like we should be ashamed for “having sex” or, even more scandalous… fuckin’.

And, as you obviously know… we shouldn’t. Not one bit. Get in on in any way you wanna (as long as you’re being safe, sane and consensual.)

Okay, now I will hop down offa my soapbox and talk about being green, not with envy, but in support of a healthy planet!

So back to makin’ love to the planet on Earth Day. How can we do that?

Well, my first suggestion is by having sex instead of going to the gym. Did you know you can burn up to 144 calories in hour just by havin’ sex? Yup! And if you wanna be a little tease, you’re in luck, because the caloric payoff for simply making out with your partner is 230 calories for only 30 minutes of action!

And I dunno about you, but I’d much rather be getting frisky with John than lifting weights! However, when I think about it running vs. sex might be a tight race. (You know I’m kidding. Sex always wins!)

Green Toys for Earth Day

If you’re looking to do some sexy play on Earth Day, there are some wonderful toy manufacturers who are taking the planet into account when making their products. Here are some of our faves:

  • Womanizer Eco – I’m leading with this one, because the Womanizer is a revolutionary toy. If you’ve not used one before, it doesn’t vibrate. Instead it uses something called “air pleasure” technology and it will get your kitty purring in under 5 minutes in most circumstances. The Eco made from renewable materials, making it 100% recyclable, which really sets it apart. .
  • Glass Toys – Glass, as a raw material, is always recyclable (it is made after sand, after all)! Plus, glass is non-porous, which makes it safe for body use and extremely easy to clean! Glass toys come in all sorts of varieties: dildos, anal plugs and more! Of course, only use toys intended for sexy play, as they’ve been built to withstand temperature changes and the like.
  • Hemp Rope – Wanna get kinky but still feel like you’re saving the planet? Hemp rope is one of our favorites to use for rope play. This gorgeous raspberry-colored Hemp Rope from Twisted Monk is ethically sourced, meaning the product is sourced with sustainability in mind. Plus, if the raspberry’s not your favor color, there are also a bunch of other juicy options!

If you’re looking for a particular toy or to solve a particular problem in the bedroom, shoot me an email at

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