Florida Intense Rope Experience 2017

For many, the word “rope” doesn’t conjure feelings of excitement, beauty or passion but that was quickly changed for attendees of F.I.R.E. 2017. Florida Intense Rope Experience or F.I.R.E. for short, brought together over 400 rope enthusiasts & instructors from all over the world. In attendance were subject matter experts on roping including Furious Buddha, Lunatic Bound and Knothead. This gathering of legendary riggers made Orlando the temporary center of the roping world.

This 4 day event hosted daily classes on several aspects of roping including an intro to suspension, predicament play, rope ascetics & nerve safety. After classes and a dinner break, we were treated to 2 nights roping performances that rivaled cirque du soleil acts. By 9pm, the extremely large dungeon opened for all attendees to practice & display their skills & passions. Organizers boasted that on Saturday night, 55 scenes were playing out simultaneously. This was a site to be see even for the veteran rigger or rope bunny.

In addition to the play areas, Florida Power Exchange hosted a designated aftercare area. NCSF (National Coalition for Sexual Freedom) was present and gave an update on the state of kin in relation to the law. Consent Rocks was also available at throughout the event acting as a 3rd party moderator & resource.

The event, which completely sold out by early Saturday morning, was very well organized. Both the staff & volunteers were well trained and professional. Presentations & classes begun on time and were spaced well so we were never felt rushed. The hotel staff was extremely accommodating and even seemed enjoy the presence of few hundred kinky people. Regardless of your skill level, this conference was a must for anyone interested in roping. We’ve already purchased our tickets for next year.

The full audio interviews with F.I.R.E presenters & attendees are available at https://www.spreaker.com/user/msangeliqueluna/e41-f-i-r-e-florida-intense-rope-experie

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