Movement when Roped

Last night my wife and I planned an intimate evening at home. I laid out my rope as she undressed. First, I wrapped her chest and we were both having fun. Next, I tied her legs so they could not be extended. Nothing fancy just a basic tie I’ve done before. She laid back and rolled over on her stomach. Everything was fine until she attempted to try to sit up on her knees in a push up style. I heard a scream and immediately removed the rope.
The swift motion pulled a muscle in her lower back. Thanks to a recent class at F.I.R.E. (Florida Intense Rope Experience) , we knew to ice the area instead of using heat, thank you Miss Doctor. However, the pain was bad enough that there were tears from a woman I’ve never seen cry before. 12 hours later, several bags of ice and ibuprofen every 6 hours, the pain is less but still there. It took almost 3 days for the pain to fully subside and luckily there was no permanent injury.

As I quote my instructor, “In this lifestyle, it’s not if you’ll get hurt but when”.

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