Mad Libs for Adults: My Way

I’ve never been happy with any of the Mad Libs for Adults that are on the market right now. They are still fun to play, don’t get me wrong. I’ve loved word games like that since I was in school.

However, the grown up Mad Libs that I’ve been able to find have been a little bit tame for my tastes. Yeah, some of them deal with sex and sexy things, but woah, y’all are they vanilla.

Yeah, that’s NOT me. That’s not John. And that’s not the kinky world we live in.

And if you’re reading this, I’d guess that’s not you either!

I decided to start making some of my own!

Now, keep in mind this is my first time making an original Mad Lib!. I used to make these in middle school all the time, but that was a long ass time ago, you guys, and I’m a little out of practice.

So be gentle with me… and use your safeword if my Mad Lib overwhelms you.

The topic I chose for my very first Mad Lib is “Cuckholding”. The reason I chose this particular topic is cause y’all have been askin’ for it!

If you don’t know, a “cuckhold” is (according to Wikipedia) “the husband of an adulterous wife; the wife of an adulterous husband is a cuckquean. In biology, a cuckold is a male who unwittingly invests parental effort in juveniles who are not genetically his offspring.”

Hmm, maybe the Wiki entry isn’t what I’m looking for (which is often the case with fetishes and kinks), so let’s try my kinkier source… Urban Dictionary. Here’s what they have to say about “cuckholding”:

“When a man watches his wife or girlfriend have sex with another man.”

That definition forgets one major part of that… the man watching gets turned on by watching.

So, if you’ve ever gotten turned on thinking about your lady gettin’ it on with another dude, you might want to take a deeper look into cuckholding.

And I’ll be the first to tell you… If this gets your juices flowing, there’s absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about. In fact, a recent survey found that 52 percent of hetero men and 26 percent of hetero women have fantasized about this fetish. The numbers go up even more for non-hetero humans.

So you’re not alone. Go forth and enjoy your kink… with consent, of course.

Now, Play My Cuckholding Mad Libs for Adults!

Click here to download the PDF… or use the images below! (Instructions to follow after the images)

So here’s what you do.

Hand sheet #1 to your partner. Have them fill it out. Then… take their answers and copy them over to the story and read it aloud to them.

Let hilarity (and the sexin’) ensue!

Got any other kinks you want me to make Mad Libs of? Email me at!

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