Mindfulness, A Non-Woo-Woo Explanation

Mindfulness is not a higher level of consciousness achieved through countless hours of meditation & contemplation of place in the universe. At least it’s not for this non-woo-woo sceptic. In non-woo-woo terms, mindfulness is focus. It’s being present and engaged without distractions. It’s the ability to clear your mind of random thoughts not relevant to the current situation. As a result, you become more aware, more involved & will be able to recall more from your experiences. Without mindfulness, you’re just passively existing.

Think of an experience where you were physically present, but didn’t pay attention to the words you heard or just mindless performed an action. Your mind was likely elsewhere, filled with worries & thoughts of the past or future. This could be during work, a movie, a classroom, a conversation or even during sex. Now think of another similar situation where you were mindful. They were probably 2 polar opposite experiences & the difference was likely you. Regardless of which vocabulary you choose, mindfulness is real & the evidence isn’t hard to find. 

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