Pulptown – Living a sex-positive life in Orlando

Angelique Luna, local blogger turned sex advocate and educator, is one-half of the local podcast, ‘Living a Sex Positive Life’, where she and her husband, John, talk about how to embrace sexuality and why it’s important.

Angelique is also a certified kink therapy professional meaning she talks to folks about their alternative sexual lifestyles, sometimes she talks to parents about how they talk to their children about sex and always, she’s helping others learn how to best communicate their needs and also their wants, specific to sex.

Some hot topics as heard on the podcast include consent, overcoming sexual abuse, and being your true self.

In addition to watching our video with Angelique, you can learn more about her and her mission to help others live a sex-positive life by checking out her website, listening to her podcast, or attending one of her classes at Fairvilla.


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