5 Unusual Butt Toys to Celebrate Anal August

Did you know that this month is Anal August? This is a relatively new celebration of unknown origins – that we’ve been able to find! If you know where it started, let us know… we love learning new things! Even better, we love introducing people to new things, so today we’re sharing some of our FAVORITE anal toys.

The Goods

1. Meet Big Kevin. Yeah, yeah, we’re starting out with one of the more standard anal toys for our Anal August roundup. However, if your partner is interested in pegging, you can’t go wrong this 100% Platinum Grade Silicone penetrator. It’s perfectly proportioned for maximum comfort, but at 12 inches long and 9-11 inches around, it’s larger the the ‘Original Kevin.’

This USA-made toy is a dream to clean, which is very important when it comes to anal toys. πŸ˜‚ This toy also comes in two different densities (firmer and supersoft) and three stunning colors. As you can see, we are particularly taken by this unique bronze boi.

2. Next up we have this gorgeous glass butt plug from Hedonic Glass, another North America-based pleasure toy company. Every piece created by this company seems more like art than a sex toy, though… as they should, since each piece is hand-crafted by a Canadian glassblower named Cleary.

Anal plugs are used for stretching or readying the anus for anal sex and sometimes to create a sense of fullness. These anal toys are also frequently used in BDSM play.

We adore this sophisticated gummi bear, because it reminds of the joy of eating candy… which is one of this writer’s favorite hobbies, lol. We are not exaggerating when we say each and every piece on this site is a true work or art.

3. The Slink Vortex is for those times when you wanna get a little deeper with your anal exploration. This thoughtful anal toy provides unmatched tactile sensations. Four ribs swirl their way up the Slink Vortex delivering some fun motion play, that’s not too aggressive!

And the grooves created by the swirling ribs are perfect for delivering some good quality lube deep inside you, making for a more pleasurable experience.

Speaking of pleasurable experiences, because of this 100% platinum grade silicone anal toy’s gorgeous design… it’s a freaking visual delight for the the one giving the pleasure too…just ask Angelique! πŸ˜‰

4. Look, I know we keep talking about lube, but you guys, it’s just so important, especially for anal play, so we simply couldn’t leave it out.

If you need a quick refresher on what lube to use with which toys (plus some of our faves), definitely check out last week’s blog!Β 

5. Ok, you all know we can’t end an article about Anal August and butt toys without mentioning Internet favorite ‘Glow F Yourself.’ These butt plugs have been all over social media. I’m sure you’ve seen the fidget spinner butt plug, yeah?

This USA-based company focuses on the wilder and weirder side of sexy time, with crazy things like corndog butt plugs, pacifier buttplugs and more!

Our faves are the ones that turn your bum into a game, like the ring toss and beer pong versions. So if you’re looking for a conversation starter… Glow F Yourself would be the place to, uh, start! πŸ’•

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