Good Lube Should Always Be Stocked in Your Bedroom Fun Kit

If you are anything like us, you keep a well-stocked ‘naughty fun’ kit on or near your bedside table, but I have a very important question for you… do you keep your favorite lube stocked in it? What about lube options?

Yes, I said options. You need different lubes for different purposes and today, I’m gonna tell you about some of my favorites, so without further ado…

First off, let’s get this out of the way… lubrication is essential to good sex. There are no if, ands, or buts about it (but if you’re lucky there will be BUTTS!!) So, we would like you to make a promise to us (and yourself!) that you’ll never feel embarrassed for using lube during sex. There is absolutely no reason to feel shame or that you are not enough on your own.

There are many different factors that affect your body’s lubrication: how much you’ve had to drink, what medications you are on (even sinus meds can dry you up, believe it or not!) or even what part of your menstrual cycle your in at the time… so don’t beat yourself up if you’re turned on as hell, but your body’s not responding; just reach for some lube!

Please be sure to use the correct type of lube for your intended purpose, though. Here’s a quick cheat sheet (you can find a deeper explanation here.):

Water-Based Lube Uses

  • Regular sex
  • Oral sex – look for flavors!
  • Toy play, including silicone vibes and dildos
  • Condoms

Silicone Lube Uses

  • Regular sex
  • Anal play or anal sex
  • Shower sex
  • Latex condoms
  • Non-silicone toy play – DO NOT use silicone lube with silicone toys – it will degrade them!

Hybrid Lube Uses

  • Regular sex
  • Anal play or anal sex
  • Non-silicone toy play – just to be safe, lol!

And did you know you can use lubrication for some every day tasks as well? One of my favorites is using silicone lube for flyaway hairs. I keep a small bottle of überlube (full disclosure: this is an affiliate link, but we only promote products we actually use and love) in my purse to help me deal with this Florida humidity!

My other favorite lube company that’s not überlube is Pjur (yes, this is another affiliate link, but we love them so much, I had to mention them, lol!) In particular, I adore their “analyse me!” silicone-based lube. It holds up to some rigorous anal play and I love that it doesn’t dry out as fast as a water-based lube would.

Do you have any sex related questions you’d like us to answer? Shoot us an email at or tune in live to our weekly radio show and maybe we’ll answer you live on air!

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