How To Prepare for 2022, According to a Psychic

I don’t even want to do the math to figure out how many days are left in 2021. I know it’s too few and it’s kind of scary. You know what though? It also kind of still feels like it’s March 2020 a little bit. Even though so much has changed in the world, you get the feeling that time has been paused and we’re all waiting to begin life again. No worries, though. I’m here to help you prepare for 2022.

The words I’m gonna say to you to prepare for 2022 are gonna seem deceptively simple, but when you try to put them into practice, you might find yourself surprised at how difficult it is to actually put into practice!

So without further ado, I’ll let you in on one of the mantras I’ll be using in 2022.

The Five Word Phrase I’m Using to Prepare for 2022

“Take people at face value.”

That’s it. When someone says something, take it exactly how it’s said.

Don’t try to build up a story around what is really going on. Don’t try to come up with reasonings or excuses for why they said what they said. Take their words at face value and act accordingly.

Did your boss tell you that you knocked it out of the park on your recent presentation? Thank them for it… and then move on.

See? I don’t know about you, but previously in situations like that, I would diminish my work and say something like, “Oh, but the graphics could have been way better!” or “Yeah, it went okay… if I didn’t say ‘Um!’ so much!”

Can you relate to that? Do you realize how that makes us look to other people? Like we don’t believe in ourselves as much as they do. But I 100% do. I believe in myself more than anyone else and I think it shines through.

Now, if I would have just accepted my boss’ compliment and moved on, I’d walk away with the appearance of high confidence… which is reflective of what’s on my insides. And that’s the person I want people to know.

Another time taking people at face value is important is in relationships. Your partner tells you they love you all the time, right? How many times do you “but” that in your head?

You know, like “Yeah they love me, but I am so annoying when I ask them to do the dishes all the time” or “They say they love me, but last week they didn’t kiss me before they left for work, so now I’m. not sure.”

Just accept the love. Accept it, feel it, and celebrate it.

You know what happens when you start taking other people at face value? They start doing the same to you! It’s a really freeing feeling to say what you mean and have it understood with no secret worries or motivations.

Added bonus: people get to know the *real* you… and you get to know the *real* them.

Let me help you get a look ahead on YOUR 2022

My advice is all well and good, but I bet y’all would love a look ahead to what you can expect for yourself in 2022.

That’s where I come in.

This December I’m offering a very special reading to my besties (yes, this includes you) that is basically a look ahead at 2022. Here’s what the reading looks like:

Basically, I pull one card for each month of the year to give you a little preview of what’s happening next season of your life. It’s an in depth reading that helps give you an idea of what challenges you’ll face and victories you’ll celebrate in 2022. So that’s 13 cards, one for each month of 2022 and one final summary card, that’ll give you an overview of the year!

And, if you’ve ever had a reading with me before, you know that I am an honest psychic, one who is gentle, but doesn’t sugarcoat any obstacles you might face in the coming year. You need to know what’s coming so you can prepare, you know?

I guess another way of saying that is that I’m a psychic you can take at face value. Seems kind of fitting, doesn’t it?

If you want a look ahead at your 2022, send me an email to and I’ll get you on my schedule!

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