Kinktober: Let’s Celebrate Together!

What the heck is “Kinktober”?

Well, if you know anything about me, you know that October is my absolute favorite month. That’s for a couple reasons, one which is probably obvious to you and one that’s not quite so obvious… unless you really know me.

Obviously, it’s my birthday month AND spooky season, two things I celebrate for the full month of October. The other ‘holiday’ John & I celebrate in October is Kinktober!

Kinktober is a celebration of everything kinky: impact play, female-led relationships, puppy play, edging, rope bondage, vaginal fisting, saline infusion play, all the ‘out there’ things we love. (Of course, we’re into more than just those things…

But exploring a bran new kink can be overwhelming, right? You don’t know where to find answers to all the questions you might have, what equipment you might need, or, most importantly, what safety protocols to follow.

That’s where we (and our friends at Fairvilla University!) come in. Every month, we offer classes (both on our site and Fairvilla’s site) in a wide variety of topics, ranging from our Intro to BDSM class to this month’s offering, Medical Play on October 21.


And the best part? All of these classes take place online via Zoom!

Yep! You don’t even need to leave the house (or get out of your PJs!) We turn off participants cameras and mics for the duration of the class, so you can get pretty frisky while you’re learning. Hell, maybe you’ll be able to put your newly acquired skills to practice during the class, should you wish!

In addition to joining us live for our monthly classes at Fairvilla University, we also star in some educational videos over on the Fairvilla University YouTube Channel.

Here are a few of our kinky faves, in keeping with our theme this month:

There’s one more video we wanna share with y’all, but it’s a little frisky for YouTube, so you’ll have to be sure that you’re signed into your Google account to watch it.

It’s worth it though. This is one of out favorite ways to play.

Did you learn something new today? We sure hope so! We’d love to keep your education going, too. Subscribe to Fairvilla University on YouTube for a whole heap of adult sex ed videos!

And join us at a Fairvilla University class while you’re at it. We promise we won’t tell what you’re doing with the cameras off.

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