Single for Valentine’s Day? How to Get a Free Sexy Tarot Reading

Single for Valentine’s Day? Let me give you a reading!

Being single on Valentine’s Day is no fun. Heck, being single during the ramp up for Valentine’s Day can be rough too.

I remember those days; the TV and radio all blared commercials about making your special lover happy on Valentine’s Day and buying them something special and taking them out for a special meal and treating them special in the bedroom afterwards.

There’s a whole lot of “special” going on that simply doesn’t apply to single people. And feeling left out isn’t fun at all. I can’t even imagine what it’s like nowadays with the ads coming out of your computer screen and phones. Oof.

Don’t even get me started on all the pressure put on single people to couple up doing this time of year.

Single folks, I want to tell you something: you’re special too. Just as you are. No partner needed.

And more importantly, you can celebrate yourself on Valentine’s Day. BY YOURSELF.

If you’re looking for some inspo on how to celebrate yourself on February 14, here are four quick ideas for a “special” singles Valentine’s Day (plus one big one that you can spend with me!)

Single for Valentines Day? Here are 5 Ways to Spend It!

  1. Cook yourself a special meal. Make that recipe you’ve been saving for a “special occasion”. Grill up a juicy steak and pour yourself a glass of wine. Or, if you’re feeling lazy… order in something yummy from your favorite local delivery service. Be sure to tip well, though, so they can have a good Valentine’s Day, too!
  2. Watch a comfort movie. You know the one I’m talking about, the one you’re embarrassed to share with other people because they might find it silly and question your taste. The best part? You’re alone, so you can quote the whole thing and no one will judge you!
  3. Seduce yourself. Now, this might take a little getting used to, but you can romance yourself during solo play as well. Instead of going right for the money shot, take your time, teasing yourself until everything in your body is begging for release. Trust me, it’ll be explosive… and worth the wait.
  4. Take yourself on a date! Been waiting to check out that new exhibit or bar because it would be “more fun on a date”? Stop waiting for someone else to date you. Date yourself! All of the things that are traditionally “date material” can be just as fun by yourself.

How to Get a Free Tarot Reading from Me!

If you choose to go with a solo date on Valentine’s Day, I have a suggestion for your ‘afterparty’. I mean, it’s where I’ll be.

February 14 at The Keg Social. ME!

Starting at 10pm on February 14, join me at The Keg Social in Waterford Lakes for their singles Valentine’s Day party. I’m just a small part of this event which includes things like:

  • Throwing axes at photos of your ex
  • Match-making karaoke
  • Free tarot readings from yours truly

In these readings, I’ll give you a look ahead to your sex life in 2022. I am a pleasure psychic after all. At the same time, I am honest with my clients, so if you have a rough patch ahead, I’m not gonna sugar coat it. I’ll give you the real honest truth so you can move forward with knowledge… and love.

In addition to the above fun stuff, The Keg Social also has bowling alleys, ping pong, arcades, billiards, and regular axe throwing. Plus a full bar and a chef inspired menu!

Follow The Keg Social on social media for updates on the event. Their handle is @thekegsocial on Insta and Facebook.

See you there? It looks likely.

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