Humiliation Play for Valentine’s? That’s a YES for Me!

Folks who love humiliation play… This one’s for you!

“Ugh, what do you want?

You don’t think you deserve to celebrate Valentine’s Day, do you?

I mean, look at you! You’re just desperate for me to give you some attention, aren’t you?

Too bad. You don’t deserve it. You’re not man enough to celebrate Valentine’s Day with me.

First of all, your penis is much too small for me to even bother with. Look at that pathetic thing! That’s what it looks like hard?! Is that as big as it gets?!

OMG, I cannot keep myself from laughing at it. You should put that tiny thing away. It’s useless anyway.

Oh, are you afraid to touch it? Are you that much of a hair trigger?

Just one more reason why you don’t deserve to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Your poor sad dick is still so hard… you like this don’t you? You’re getting off on it!

Oh my god, I bet if I keep talking to you like this, you’d lose control of yourself.

I like to spend my Valentine’s Day with a real man, not a single-pump chump.

Would you like to watch me spend my V-day night with a real man?

You couldn’t handle it. I’d please him with my mouth and you’d pop immediately.

How embarrassing.”

Did this get your juices flowing? I have news for you…

You Might Be Into Humiliation Play

And that’s okay! Humiliation play a perfectly valid kink.

This one’s a little more difficult to come to terms with, because in essence having a humiliation kink is like asking someone to intentionally be mean or dismissive to you.

Who likes the way that feels? No one, right?!

Well, let me explain a little bit of the science to you. I think this might help you feel more comfortable with your *unusual* kink. (That’s not to say that I think your kink… or anyone else’s for that matter is unusual. I love and respect all kinks equally.)

When you’re asking someone to participate in humiliation play with you, you’re asking them to make you feel small, almost helpless, even. You feel overwhelmed and don’t quite know what to do with yourself.

Think about the changes that happen in your body when you feel helpless: your heartbeat quickens and you’re filled with a burst of energy. That’s because that feeling is rooted in fear.

Sound familiar? These are some of the same things that happen when your body gets turned on!

So the most basic way to explain your humiliation fetish is to think about it as a fear-based response, which, if you look at a lot of fetishes in the light…. you’ll find a similar correlation. Fear of getting in trouble could easily morph into a spanking or discipline kink.

Of course, there are some kinks that don’t fit into this exactly… think furries or a latex fetish. But it doesn’t make those fetishes any less valid.

So, I’m here to tell you to celebrate whatever kink you love most this Valentine’s Day. Don’t feel a single ounce of shame.

I’m giving you permission to enjoy yourself with abandon. I know I will.

Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️ 💜 ♥️ 💝 💕

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