FU: Dark Tantra

    Most everyone can agree that the biggest human sexual organ is the brain. If you’re not in the mood, you rarely enjoy it, and if the mood is just right, it’s an experience you’ll clearly remember. Tantra is the practice of bringing your mind, body, and spirit together to be more focused, gain …

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FU: Anal 201: M-ASS-terclass

    Curious about taking your anal play to the next level? Or maybe you want some solid tips on the basics?  We will be covering all of that in our Anal 201: MASSTER CLASS Join Fairvilla Educators Angelique and John Luna for this BRAND-NEW, inclusive, ONLINE, Level 201 presentation of anal play. We will …

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What is Fairvilla University?

While many people may not think an adult novelty shop a.k.a. sex shop, as a safe place to learn about sex; it is now becoming the place to go for comprehensive sex education. Sex-Positive Shops such as The Pleasure Chestand Good Vibrations have been offering classes, workshops and seminars for several years throughout all their stores. Good Vibrations even has …

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