Your Kinktober Checklist: Did you complete it?

Bye, bye Kinktober! I’ll miss you.

My favorite month is coming to a close and, I don’t know about you, but I made time for some kinky fun before the month was out. From normal married sex to spicier more experimental sexy acts, I had more than my share of bedroom fun this month.

Yes, I said more than my share. I am a kind of a greedy brat after all. 😈But John loves it… and me, of course. ❤️

And… before I move on, you know you can get all the spicier details by hanging out with us for one of our Date Nites every Monday at 7pm! It’s a no-holds-barred weekly conversation with a couple who are sex coaches, swingers, kinksters, active in the BDSM community, and Disney fanatics? AKA, us: The Lunas!

We are living a life that’s filled with love, respect, and a whole lotta sex and, if you’re reading this, I assume you’re looking for the same thing! So I’ve created this Kinktober checklist to help your catch up to our wild adventures before the month ends.

Or not, you can use this checklist at your own pace if you want. We won’t judge.

Kinktober Checklist Item #1: Role Playing

Ok, this one seems pretty obvious, but role-playing during the ultimate dress up month is SO MUCH FUN. I mean, there’s a reason bedroom costumes sell so well nowadays. 🎃 Just think about how much fun it could be to live out your firefighter rescue fantasy or that weird 1950’s milkman fetish you’ve just been waiting to indulge. “Yeah, I’ll take the cream in the rear this morning, please.”

However outlandish your fantasy is, Kinktober is the perfect time to bring it to life- put on a costume, do up your makeup and become someone different for a spell. Live out your secret fantasies.

Shocktober Checklist Item #2: Try E-Stim

Notice I switched from Kinktober to Shocktober for this one and, yeah, there’s a reason.

Shocktober seems like the perfect opportunity to give electronic stimulation a try. For this we recommend something like the Violet Wand or Kinklab’s Neon Wand. While these toys might look intimidating, they are not! These toys use mild electrical discharges to stimulate your biggest sex organ… your epidermis (aka, your skin suit, lol). I recommend trying them out on your arm first so you can get used to the new and pleasurable sensations.

Once you get used to using the toy to conduct electricity, read up on how to use your the toy in conjunction with your own body to stimulate your partner for some truly shocking results. (Please, keep your health in mind and consult with a doctor if your have cardiovascular issues or any other concerns.)

Kinktober Checklist Item #3: Switch Up the Power Dynamic

Think back on the sexual experiences you’ve had over the years with your partner. One or the other of you takes charge most of the time, don’t they? Well, why not take one day this October and switch things up?! If you’re normally in charge, let him lead the sexy time and give in to his every desire (with consent, of course!)

Or, if he’s normally the one in charge, you take over for the evening… and ravage his entire body, and order him to indulge you in all the things you’ve secretly been wanting him to do to you.

You’d be amazed at the way switching up a power dynamic can inject some spicy into a relationship that is feeling kind of bland.

Bonus: you could definitely combine this item with number one quite easily, as well. I mean, just think about how much it would change the power dynamic if *I* was the one delivering the cream to John in that 1950’s milkman fantasy, lol.

Kinktober Checklist Item #4: Become a Rope Mummy

Yes, I said mummy.

You’ve heard of rope bunnies right? Well, why not take it to the logical next level for Halloween and become a rope mummy?

Now, that extensive of a tie comes with years of practice, a very trusting partner, and open and honest communication. However, if you’re not there quite yet, take some time to explore rope typing or other forms of restraints! We love this simple cotton rope for beginners (and professional rope mummies, too!).

And if you need some help with beginner or more advanced ties, check out Fairvilla University’s YouTube Channel where we teach some of our favorite ties! Don’t have a partner? Don’t worry, we’ve got a video for that too!

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