A Self-Proclaimed Brat’s Favorite Sex Toys

Sex toys

Wanna hear about some of MY favorite sex toys?! Well you’re in for a treat this week!

Last week, I told you about Kink Crate… and more specifically, a couple of John’s favorite toys on the site, remember? Well, as I was writing it, I felt a little bit left out. Which made me feel kind of silly, because John’s pleasure is one of the most important things to me!

So, you know what I did? I indulged myself and had a bit of a pout (if you know me at all, you know how adorable it is, lol) and then I formulated a plan. I’m writing this blog, so I’m putting on my brat hat (it’s really cute, too!) and telling you about MY favorite toys in our KinkCrate shop…AND I decided to offer you a GIVEAWAY.

Purchase any of the items on in our Kink Crate Shop before 9/15 and I’ll send every single person that orders a free gift! Just send an email with the subject “KC” & a pic of the receipt to info@sexpositiveme.com and we’ll get you taken care of.

That’s not it though! Everyone who makes a purchase will also be entered into a contest to win a FREE KINK CRATE. Trust us, you’re gonna want one of these. Read about ’em here. (Must be 18 to enter. Click here for full rules.)

So without further ado, here are the favorite sex toys of a self-proclaimed brat:

Crazy Girl Pheromone Mist

This product is a literal game changer. Have you tried pheromones before? No two people smell alike with a pheromone mist like this one by Crazy Girl. That’s because it work’s with your body’s chemistry to create a scent that is unique to you… and will hopefully catch the nose of someone you have your eye on.

Not only do pheromone mists smell great and act as a tantalizing tease for a night filled with passion, but they have some other surprising uses. Service Industry providers (waiters, bartenders, etc) have found a measured increase in their tips when wearing a pheromone spray! I mean at this price, it’s totally worth a try, right!

And as for why I, personally love pheromone perfumes? Whenever I wear ’em, John can’t keep his hands offa me!

Cotton Rope

Seems like a simple product right? Well, when I said we would only promote things we 100% believed in, this rope is the perfect example. I love this simple cotton rope for bondage for many many reasons.

First off… it’s washable! If you’ve ever been tied up before, you know it’s hard work; and where there’s hard work, there’s bound to be sweat (especially here in Florida), so you’re gonna wanna wash it, lol.

Cotton rope also has a decent tooth (the stuff that helps the knots together) which is important in rope play. It’s also light, takes dye really well, so you can match it to your personality and take it wherever you want. You know, just in case an impromptu bondage session pops up.

p.s. it’s also EXCELLENT for photos.

Imperial Punishment Crate – Solo Vulva

While the previous product seemed super simple, this one is a bit more complex, featuring a variety of products, specifically curated for some buzzy fun. The Imperial Punishment Crate comes with a Moove Rechargeable Flexible Vibe, The Imperial Blindfold and Nipple Clamps, and a full size bottle (3.4oz) of Wicked Toy Love Gel.

And I can’t forget to mention the handy dandy instruction booklet. These are included in every single Kink Crate and I just love them so much. They are specially created to walk you through the toys and other items in the crate. I always feel like I learn something new from ’em each time.

Ask me my favorite item from this box and I’ll immediately answer the nipple clamps. It is a very specific pleasure that you’ll just have to experience for yourself.

So that’s it! Those are my favorite sex toys available in our Kink Crate Shop and I no longer feel left out, lol! Hope to see lots of entries in our contest this week!

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