The Liberator is Liberating… in the Bedroom, Of Course

Today, I want to tel you all about one of my favorite bedroom accessories that doubles as functional furniture: The Liberator. According to Liberator themselves, they are the “greatest invention for sex since the bed.” And honestly? I agree.

Liberator Wedges

No idea what these are and what you should do with them? Well, the triangles pictured above are the best-selling Liberator Wedge. It’s a sex positioning pillow that does exactly what the name implies: helps you get into some truly toe-curling positions for sexy time. Inspired by bondage, this positioning pillow offers “precise angling, making anal sex positions easier to control and helps prolong oral sex for hours of uninterrupted pleasure.”

Did you read that? “Hours of uninterrupted pleasure.” Sounds like a literal dream, doesn’t it? With this one wedge of foam and fabric, you can give your sex life a spark you may not even know that you needed. While Liberator has many different shapes to choose from (we actually LOVE their spreader bar — it’s covered in high-density foam, which helps to prevent injury during play… plus the faux leather cover is the stuff dreams are made of.), but today I wanted to share with you my top 4 ways to use a Liberator Wedge. (all positioning illustrations provided by

My Top 4 Uses for the Liberator Wedge

Spoiler Alert: They aren’t all sexy, lol.

#1: The Slippery Slope:
Restrain your partner’s wrist with the attached cuffs, put their hips on the edge of the wedge, throw their legs up in the air and go to town. You’ve never had better access.

#2: Grab & Go:
While you’ve got ’em there, wrists restrained and legs all akimbo, go ahead and plunge your member into them. The wedge gives you an incredible angle that really upgrades the sexy experience.

#3: Use It for Reading!
See? We told you they wouldn’t all be sexy, lol. But seriously, I use my Wedge all the time when I’m reading. It helps remove strain from my lower back and can be used either sitting up or lying down. And if you’re reading a bit of erotica, transitioning to sexy playtime couldn’t be easier!

#4: Making Contact:
Placing the Wedge upright changes the angles completely. Using the the positioning furniture in this manner helps you thrust deeper, no matter which hole you’re going for, lol. Plus the wrist restraints help you keep ’em under control when they get too overwhelmed with pleasure!

One More Thing!

One of the most unsexy, but also one of my favorite things about the Liberator products is how easy they are to clean. If you have a fabric cover, just pop it off and wash it like you would a pair of blue jeans… in cold water. The inner water-resistant layer can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. And if your positioning furniture doesn’t match your space? Just get a new cover.

Liberator: Esse Chaise

In fact, a few years ago, we laid out the big bucks for the Liberator Esse Chaise, putting some legs on it and using it as actual furniture, in addition to using it for creative sex positioning. Watch our review here:

It’s sexy isn’t it? Just imagine how sexy it can be in action. 😉

Get your Liberator here.

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