Taking a Frisky Road Trip With Your “Partner”

When’s the last time you took a frisky road trip? You know the kind I’m talking about, right? You’re on the road, windows down, hair whipping everywhere, not a care in the world. Before you know it, their hand is on your thigh and you’re thinking about that hand’s final destination instead of wherever the car is headed.

Now, imagine doing that with someone that’s not your spouse or “normal” partner. It’d be kind of weird, wouldn’t it? Well, the Lunas are living, breathing, sexin’ proof that taking a frisky road trip with someone else doesn’t have to be weird!

As you know, John and I both enjoy relationships outside of our marriage. We’ve invested a lot of time and energy into ensuring we’re both comfortable with our situation, as have the “outside” people we’re spending time with.

This is where a lot of folks screw up when navigating a polyamorous relationship. They forget to talk about what they would like to do. Maybe forget is the wrong word for this though. It’s more avoidance because it is a potentially scary topic that could have potentially scary implications.

Hmm, that sounds like a blog post for another day.

For today, though, I wanted to talk about spending a frisky road trip with your “other” relationship. For these purposes, I’ll assume everyone involved in the poly relationship has participated in thoughtful conversation about boundaries and other possibly awkward situations.

Oh and the main reason I wanted to talk about frisky road trips with your other sig other is because… I’m on one right this second! So the things I’m talking about today, I’ll be putting into practice later. 😈

First of all, I want to remind you that even taking the first steps into a polyamorous relationship requires you to be very vulnerable, not only with your parter, but with yourself (and anyone else you welcome into the relationship). I’m so proud of you. Being vulnerable is hard! 😧

So, the first step to enjoying some sexy excitement on the road is to dress for success. Where would you like their hands to wander? Highlight that part. Want him to squeeze your tit? Make sure they’re on display! Want her hand wandering up your thigh? Be sure to wear shorts loose enough to allow access.

Once you’ve got that access, feel free to explore. The passenger can tease the person in the driver’s seat and vice versa, as long as all road safety rules are followed. Heck, it might be a good time to rent a car with drive assist to see if you like it, hahaha. What I’m getting at, though is, the road part of the trip is all about the teasing. So much teasing that you can’t wait to get back to your room, or tent, or whatever magical place you choose to stay.

And here’s where the real beauty of a poly relationship happens. During the drive, you can not only tease the one you’re in the car with, but also your partner at home. Get them all worked up over what’s happening to you and let them deal with it on their own. Or not. Maybe you’ll make ’em wait til you get home. As long as this is all something you’ve both agreed on beforehand, of course.

Another option is to agree to not share anything, and that’s okay too! What works for one polyamorous relationship may not work for yours. That’s why that ~scary~ conversation at the outset is so important.

And don’t forget to do regular check-ins with everybody, too! Ok, that settles it. I’m gonna do a blog on the scary parts of poly soon! (They aren’t that scary, I promise.)

But for now… I’m gonna go enjoy my OWN frisky road trip!

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