Saline Infusion Play: An Intro to John’s Newest Kink

You might be wondering,”Saline Infusion Play… what’s that?” and well, I’m here to tell you everything I know about it!

As you all know, John is no stranger to extreme kinky play. He was even featured in an article in Playboy about another one of his favorite kinks, sounding! I’m so proud of John for being proud of his more extreme kinks. No one ever learns anything new by being ashamed by what they enjoy, do they?

So, today, I’m gonna do my best to teach y’all about John’s newest kink: Saline Infusion Play, but before that I wanted to give y’all a warning.

DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. This is medical play and should be practiced ONLY when under the observation of a professional. I cannot say this enough. If you read this blog and feel like this is something you would enjoy, please seek out a professional to help you safely through the process.

What Is Saline Infusion Play?

Now that the (VERY IMPORTANT) warning is out of the way, let’s talk about what Saline Infusion Play actually IS. Brace yourselves, cause we’re getting a little science-y today.

Saline: a mixture of sodium chloride (salt) and water.

Infusion: the act introducing a new element or quality into something.

And I think we all know what “play” means, don’t we? The definition of this kinky play is just as straightforward as the name implies. Basically, John infuses medical grade saline into different parts of his body.

What Makes It Kinky

Usually in the fetish and kink communities, the saline solution is injected into the breast/chest tissue or scrotum. According to an article on, “[These] infusions are the most popular, but labia, buttocks, clit hood, pubic mound, and penile shaft are all common requests too.”

The injections can also be administered subdermally, injecting the saline just under the skin to create an artistic pattern or design.

John says, “I have enjoyed Scrotal Saline Infusion on many occasions, of course under the supervision of a medical professional. (During the process I make it a point to follow strict medical procedures, cleaning and sterilizing the area and the equipment… as anyone else who tries this should.).”

But, why do I do it? ” John continues, “Well, let’s get this out of the way first: I’m not a masochist and the needle is one of the fears that makes my heart race the fastest. So it’s not about pain, necessarily so much as it is about the sensation or feeling of it.

“However, during the injection process between 200ml and 1000ml flows into my scrotum, filling up the area and stretching out my skin. My testicles float in the liquid and my sack swells. (You’ll have to google for some real life pics, mine are for personal use only, lol.)

“The sensation is exciting and pleasurable. Once it’s fully complete, the added weight in the area makes sexual activity more intense.”

Anything that increases pleasure is AOK with me. That said, it’s not my favorite thing to watch… but that’s why we opened up our relationship, so we can chase pleasure without boundaries, with trust and open communication. If that’s something you’d like for your relationship, send us an email! I (Angelique) am a Certified Kink Aware Professional & Sex Educator that has coached other couples to the same happiness John and I share!

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