Celebrating Bisexuality Day + Our Time at Exxxotica

Yesterday, (September 23) was “Celebrate Bisexuality Day” and, as a bisexual married couple, you know we celebrated HARD. Yes, that is a pun. No, we are not embarrassed. We love silly humor and we love being bisexual, what’s to be embarrassed about?!

Absolutely nothing.

How’d we celebrate? Well, we spent the weekend at Exxxotica in Miami (with Deadpool in tow, of course) and, as expected, had a blast.

Our setup at Exxxotica Miami!

We brought our newest merch, including an amazing selection of our kinky towels. Me? I am partial to the “Hot Wife” or “Slut Slut Slut” towel. Any guesses on John’s faves? Hint: He’s been into puppy play lately. 🐾

Do you see something on this table you want for yourself? You’ve got some options! Either hit us up when you see us in person next time or send an email to info@sexpostiveme.com! We are IN LOVE with the quality on these towels and would be honored if you choose to wipe up your sexy sweat with our products. 💦

As you can see, Deadpool even got in on the Exxxotica fun, lol. I’m sure you’ve noticed but Deadpool is a staple on all our travels. He’s my buddy, keeping us safe no matter where we are. And, if you hadn’t noticed by the pics on our Instagram, Deadpool’s really good at having a good time.

I know I’ve said it a lot, but he’s really one of the best ways to “recognize” us at an event. If you spot us treating Deadpool like a model on season 4 of America’s Next Top Model, just scooch on over and say hello!

This is how we end up with pics like this:

Bisexuality: Our Experiences

Before we wrap up this week’s blog, there is one final thing I’d like to share with you as we finish this month-long celebration of bisexuality…and it’s something very near and dear to our hearts.

Last August, we got the opportunity to participate in one of Orlando’s Pechakucha Nights. Our topic (and this should be no surprise to y’all) was “The B is Silent” and it was about, you guessed it, navigating bisexuality in marriage.

I could gush at how awesome we are in it… and how helpful the information is to those trying to navigate similar situations, but you’ll get way more out of watching it yourself, so here it is:

How’d we do?! Leave us a comment or send an email to info@sexpositiveme.com!

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